Be Our Guest

Having traveled to many places and trying all the delicious flavors of the world, there is still nothing quite like the comforts of savory Mexican food. We believe flavorful food coupled with exceptional service provides the perfect ingredients to bring people together.

Many special moments are created with families and friends over food- and that is our endeavor to bring to all of our wonderful guests. When you come to Tres tres-chiles Picosos Mexican Restaurant, you are welcomed as a guest to our table. A place where you can make moments count and meet new friends. It’s truly remarkable what can be done when you bring good food and good people together!

The Tres tres-chiles Picosos

Hailing from over twenty years of restaurant operating experience, Michelle Hill partnered with her step daughter, Alexis Marcki Ramos and her husband, Spencer Marcki, to introduce to their community a fresh take on contemporary Mexican cuisine.

The three fiery personas and their zests for life are the collective souls that make up the spice, fire and passion that is Tres tres-chiles Picosos.


Michelle Hill,
Partner and CEO

Michelle is a entrepreneur and restaurateur of over 20 years. With an expertise in building Mexican Restaurant chains, she is excited to grow the Tres tres-chiles Picosos concept throughout the west coast. In order to effectively navigate her different business locations, Michelle became an avid pilot and now brings the same passion and discipline she has for flying to Tres tres-chiles Picosos.  Her zest for life brings the seasoning to Tres tres-chiles Picosos making it a gathering place where everyone can relax, have fun and enjoy the good things in life!


Alexis Marcki Ramos,
Partner and COO

Alexis grew up in a family restaurant business and has worked every aspect of the restaurant, from line cooking to bartending. Her holistic experience in serving customers and operating a family business provides an astute eye for quality service, quality foods, and exceptional experiences. Alexis brings her operational leadership to provide remarkable experiences at the restaurant.


Spencer Marcki,
Partner and CMO

Ever the consummate professional, Spencer has a distinguished background in Sales and Marketing, that is displayed throughout the restaurants. Leveraging his passion for great customer service, Spencer coaches his employees to serve with excellence and maintain a high level of attentiveness and awareness to guests. With the philosophy, to treat every guest and each other with the utmost respect to ensure a wonderful experience.

Food Brings Us Together.

Come in to Tres Chiles Picosos Mexican Restaurant and treat yourself to all your authentic Mexican favorites along with a variety of Mexican infused specials.

Kick back and relax for lunch, dinner or take it to go. With spacious dining indoors and lively and accommodating full service bar, we have everything for you, your friends and family.


Chef, Ricardo Pineda